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A lolita inspired skirt made as a companion piece to my organza petticoat.

The whole color scheme and materials were chosen to work around an upcycled lace curtain. The pattern on it was so pretty, I wanted to use it in a garment. I wasn't a fan of its dusty shade though, so I tried to make it look more vibrant using the under- and overlaying fabrics. 

I was also planning to make a big cascading bow that could be attached to the front of the waistband, but ran out of time (as this was a school assignment). The bow was going to be from the same fabric as the frills on the waistband. Without the bow, the frills look a bit out of place now.

This piece was very experimental in its nature and I'd do a lot of things differently 2nd time around. 

Machinery used for sewing: Industrial lockstitch machine, overlocker and buttonhole machine.

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